Gear Coupling

With a wide business understanding of this field, we are involved in manufacturing and supplying an extensive consignment of Gear Coupling.  Gear couplings are torsion hardened and supplied in two designs – fully flexible and flexible/rigid. Fully flexible couplings consist of two hubs with external gears and two outer sleeves with internal gears.

It is a universal coupling for all types of applications and accommodates all possible misalignments (angular, offset and combined) as well as large axial moments. Therefore machines, bearings, seals and shafts are not subject to additional forces, sometimes of considerable magnitude, that usually result from the inevitable misalignment associated with rigid shaft couplings.

BVCHAINS RGD Gear coupling; torque capacity exceeds the competition, and it allows smaller coupling size of increased service factor.

BVCHAINS Gear couplings can accommodate large shaft diameters for a given particular size of coupling compared to the competition, in most instances. That means you can buy a smaller less expensive coupling and still get the proper rating for the equipment.

Complete half coupling assemblies are interchangeable with any other half gear coupling with exposed bolt flange manufactured to AGMA standard. replacement half couplings provide additional hub strength and lower gear mesh loads.

BVCHAINS Special Grease properties are designed/developed to resist separation of Base oil & thickener due to centrifugal forces encountered in Gear coupling. This benefits for the application -

Significantly extended relubrication intervals
Reduced maintenance cost
Superior lubrication
Increased coupling life
The location & size lubrication holes in the sleeve ensures that adequate grease is available at the gear mesh, where it is needed must fully moulded seals positively lubricant and seal interior against foreign matter

Product Details:

Size 100 Mm Dia
Usage/Application Industrial
Weight (kg) 4 Kg
Surface Treatment Galvanized
Brand BV Transmission
Material Carbon Steel
Packaging Type Corrugated, Wooden Box
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Head Shape Round
Body Material Stainless Steel
Material Grade SS316
Number Of Holes 6
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