Taper Lock Pulleys

Covering sizes of pulley for Z/SPZ, A/SPA, B/SPB, C/SPC. 

Pitch distance across from 50mm to 1250mm. 

Single score to numerous of 12 depressions. SPZ 0050X01 TO SPZ 0630X10 

SPA 0063X01 TO SPA 0800X10 

SPB 0100X01 TO SPB 1250X10 

SPC 0200X01 TO SPC 1250X10 

8V-12.5"- 4G TO 8V-53.0"- 10G 

D-12"- 3G TO D-58"- 12G 

More scores and greater width tighten Bushing Pulleys accessible on demand. 

We have assortment of Taper lock pulley separated for your simple variability of pulleys with least 

upkeep cost to your item. We do scope of tighten lock pulley beginning from A, B, C and Z Section :- 

Tighten Lock Pulley "A" Section [From 1 Groove to 5 Groove] 

Size in PCD [mm.] 

80 mm., 85 mm., 90 mm., 95 mm., 100 mm., 106mm., 112 mm., 118 mm., 125 mm., 132 mm., 140 mm., 150 mm., 160 mm., 180 mm., 200 mm., 250 mm., 315 mm., 400 mm., 500 mm., 630 mm, 

·Dual Duty scores to impeccably coordinate with Classical V and Spacesaver Wedge belts 

·Standard range takes into account drives up to 200 Kw with speed proportions upto 1:7 

·Shelf to screw 'Tighten Lock' shrubs 

·Over 470 standard sizes to take into account wide scope of prerequisites 

·Custom-assembled huge pulleys in strong or split development for higher Power Transmission 

Size in PCD [mm.]

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